Weather Plus pressure isolines layer animated

Explore the weather pressure isolines layer from MapTiler Cloud Weather Plus Pressure dataset. By accessing the Pressure dataset, you can visualize the distribution of pressure across different locations. With just a simple cursor movement, you can retrieve the precise pressure value at any given point.

The showPressureLabels function, allows you to view the highest and lowest pressure extremes on the map. This provides valuable insights into the atmospheric conditions and helps you understand the dynamics of weather patterns.

To enhance your experience, we have incorporated an animation bar that illustrates the movement of isobars over a four-day time period. This dynamic representation allows you to track changes in pressure over time and gain a deeper understanding of weather trends. Additionally, we have included a button that enables the display of Hi/Lo pressure extreme values labels, ensuring that you have all the necessary information at your fingertips.

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Look at the Weather Plus pressure isolines layer example

Look at the Weather Plus pressure isolines layer labels example

Check out the Weather JS module reference

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The Weather Plus JS module can only be used with the MapTiler SDK. Contact us to have access to the Weather Plus JS library.

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