JP GSI Building schema

The vector tile schema describes how the vector data is organized into different thematic layers and which attribute and values each layer contains. This is useful for writing a map style.

GSI Building a tileset that contains vector polygons of building footprints provided by the Geospatial Information Authority of Japan.

Explore the tileset in the interactive map viewer, check the date of the last update, use it as vector tiles, etc.

Inspect JP GSI Building schema

Definition of layers

The JP GSI Building tileset contains the following layers:

gsi_building #

Polygons of building footprints.



Building type

Possible values:

  • 不明 - unknown
  • 堅ろう建物 - robust building
  • 堅ろう無壁舎 - robust wall house
  • 普通建物 - ordinary building
  • 普通無壁舎 - ordinary wallless house


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