Geolocation - API Client JS

MapTiler API Client JS geolocation function provides an accurate location of a website visitor using its IP address.

Obtain information about visitor’s location based on the IP address of an incoming request.

// in an async function, or as a 'thenable':
const result = await;


options.apiKey Custom MapTiler Cloud API key to use instead of the one in global config.


Returns a geolocation result object

  "country": "Switzerland",
  "country_code": "CH",
  "country_bounds": [5.95538, 45.818852, 10.490936, 47.809357],
  "country_languages": ["de", "fr", "it"],
  "continent": "Europe",
  "continent_code": "EU",
  "eu": false,
  "city": "Zurich",
  "latitude": 47.36667,
  "longitude": 8.55,
  "postal": "8000",
  "region": "Zurich",
  "region_code": "ZH",
  "timezone": "Europe/Zurich"

Read more about geolocation on our official API documentation.