MapTiler SDK JS

The easiest way for developers to integrate maps with their web applications and products is using our Maps SDK.

It comes with built-in map styles to pick from, showing detailed street-level information, 3d terrain, and satellite imagery for the entire world.

Your data can be displayed in many ways; from simple maps with markers, to dynamic heatmaps, and filtered visualizations of millions of features; all using WebGL technology in a browser.

Written in TypeScript and usable via NPM; it allows modern development of web mapping applications. It comes with hundreds of examples, it is open-source on GitHubLogoGitHub, and BSD licensed. Our Maps SDK extends MapLibre GL JS1 with functions related to the MapTiler mapping platform.

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Get started integrating maps

Simply use the code below the map.

  1. Copy the following code, paste it into your favorite text editor, and save it as a .html file.

  2. Replace YOUR_MAPTILER_API_KEY_HERE with your actual MapTiler API key.

  3. The next it’s up to you. You can start the map in a different place by modifying the starting position and starting zoom, and you can change the look of the map to any of our styles, or yours, by updating the style. See what’s available here.

  4. Install the npm package.

  5. Include the CSS file.

    If you have a bundler that can handle CSS, you can import the CSS or include it with a <link> in the head of the document via the CDN

  6. Include the following code in your JavaScript file (Example: app.js).

Learn more

If you want to learn how to initialize a map and load the style, check out the Learn the basics - How to use the MapTiler SDK JS tutorial.

  1. MapLibre GL JS is a open-source web map library based on WebGL. 

An extension of MapLibre GL JS