Geolocation API

IP Geolocation


Obtain information about visitor’s location based on IP address of the incoming request.


Security: API Key

Example requests


Code Content Description
200 application/json Geolocation response object
403 Key is missing, invalid or restricted

Geolocation response object

Property Type Description
country string
Name of the country
Example: Switzerland
country_code string
Two-letter ISO 3166-1code of the country
Example: CH
country_bounds array[number]
Bounds of the country in WGS84 degrees
[west, south, east, north]
Example: [5.95538,45.818852,10.490936,47.809357]
continent string
Name of the continent
Example: Europe
continent_code string
Two-letter code of the continent
Example: EU
eu boolean
Indicated whether the country is part of the European Union.
Example: false
city string
Name of the city
Example: Zurich
latitude number
Latitude of the location
Example: 47.36667
longitude number
Longitude of the location
Example: 8.55
postal string
Postal code
Example: 8000
region string
If known, the ISO 3166-2 name for the first level region.
Example: Zurich
region_code string
If known, the ISO 3166-2 code for the first level region.
Example: ZH
timezone string
Name of the timezone
Example: Europe/Zurich

Example response

  "country": "Switzerland",
  "country_code": "CH",
  "country_bounds": [
  "continent": "Europe",
  "continent_code": "EU",
  "eu": false,
  "city": "Zurich",
  "latitude": 47.36667,
  "longitude": 8.55,
  "postal": "8000",
  "region": "Zurich",
  "region_code": "ZH",
  "timezone": "Europe/Zurich"