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Built-in list of compatible languages as shorthands to ISO language codes used to define de map labels language. The language generally depends on the style.

Built-in support for right-to-left languages. Languages that are written right-to-left such as arabic and hebrew are fully supported by default. No need to install any plugin!

The list of supported languages is built-in and can be found here. In addition, there are special language cases:

  • Language.AUTO: uses the default language of the browser
  • Language.LATIN: uses the default fallback language in the latin chaser
  • Language.NON_LATIN: uses the default fallback language in the non latin chaset
  • Language.LOCAL: uses the local language for each country
  • Language.STYLE_LOCK: to force keep the language from the style and prevent any further update
Reference documentation of MapTiler SDK JS, an extension of MapLibre GL JS