MapTiler Engine is part of MapTiler Desktop PRO, available as a command line utility maptiler.


Download the setup.exe (sent by an email) and start the installation wizard. After it is finished a new section is added to Start ➜ All Programs ➜ MapTiler Desktop Pro, and it is possible to use the command maptiler from the standard Command Prompt application in Windows:

> maptiler


Download the installation disk image (DMG, sent by an email) and after opening the disk image in macOS you should drag the “MapTiler Desktop Pro” icon into your “Application” folder. The command line interface can be started from Terminal application as:

$  /Applications/MapTiler/Desktop/

All versions of macOS higher than 10.12 (Sierra) are supported.


Download the installation package (.deb or .rpm) for your Linux distribution from the link sent by an email. The command line utility maptiler is directly available, as it is installed in a Linux standard binary location (/usr/bin/).

$ maptiler

Supported Linux distributions are: Debian, Ubuntu, CentOS and Fedora (the RPMs are dependent on EPEL repository). Another option for running the latest MapTiler Engine with the supported GDAL on any Linux distribution is via the Docker container.