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MapTiler Outdoor

The vector tile schema describes how the vector data is organized into different thematic layers and which attribute and values each layer contains. This is useful for writing a map style.

MapTiler Outdoor is a dataset containing general layers to maps for outdoor life like hiking, cycling, cross-country skiing, and other related activities.

outdoor_poi #

outdoor_poi ( contains tourism information, camp sites, shelters, huts, springs, cave entrances, etc.



The OSM name value of the POI.


Selected values of the information, tower:type, shelter_type, tourism, amenity, leisure, fireplace, natural, waterway, historic and castle_type tags.

Possible values:

  • board
  • map
  • info_office
  • guidepost
  • observation_tower
  • shelter
  • hut
  • camp_site
  • picnic_site
  • viewpoint
  • waterfall
  • cave_entrance
  • spring
  • drinking_water
  • bench
  • fireplace
  • castle
  • fortress
  • ruins
  • memorial
  • monument


Subclasses for shelters, huts and springs according to values of the shelter_type, tourism or natural tag.

Possible values:

  • shelter_lean_to
  • picnic_shelter
  • rock_shelter
  • weather_shelter
  • basic_hut
  • alpine_hut
  • wilderness_hut
  • spring
  • mineral_spring

trail #

trail contains foot + hiking + bicycle + ski + horse + wheelchair routes and via_ferrata.



Distinguish between route values. Class is derived from the value of the route tag and highway.

Possible values:

  • foot
  • hiking
  • via_ferrata
  • bicycle
  • ski
  • horse
  • wheelchair


The OSM name value of the trail.


Original value of the ref tag.


Original value of the operator tag.


Original value of the osmc:symbol tag.


Derived from symbol.

Possible values:

  • red
  • blue
  • green
  • yellow
  • brown
  • orange
  • purple
  • black


Original value of the network tag.


Original value of the mtb:scale tag for bicycle tracks, value of the via_ferrata_scale tag for via_ferrata value of the sac_scale tag for hiking trails.