Weather JS module

The MapTiler Weather JS module contains a set of weather-specific tiled layers to put into your map, just like any layer! You can read more about the benefits of this module on the MapTiler Weather page.

Use the MapTiler SDK JS to visualize the interactive weather layers available in MapTiler Cloud at 60 frames per second animation! Check out some of the module’s features.

With MapTiler Weather JS Module, you have access to comprehensive weather data and advanced visualization tools that empower you to make informed decisions based on real-time conditions.

Get started

In this get started we will add the wind layer to the map and create a time slider bar to control the layer time animation. Simply use the code below the map.

Objects and methods

Each section describes classes or objects as well as their properties, parameters, methods, and associated events. Many sections also include inline code examples and related resources.

Weather JS module features

  • 4-day forecast
  • global coverage
  • hourly precision
  • fresh data every few hours (generaly ~6h)
  • animated
  • highly customizable
  • plenty of built-in color ramps
  • easy to setup with nice default settings
  • pick weather values for any lon/lat (and mouse move)
  • included in your FREE MapTiler Cloud plan!
The Weather JS module can only be used with the MapTiler SDK.