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MapLibre GL Native for iOS (open-source fork of Mapbox GL Native for iOS) is a native mapping library based on OpenGL. Using MapLibre GL Native for iOS with vector tiles from MapTiler Cloud gives you a beautiful and smooth experience from map browsing. MapLibre loads vector tiles and style from hosting and draws a map on the device.

Get Started With MapLibre GL Native for iOS

Get your FREE API key and follow a simple tutorial to implement your first iOS application using MapLibre and MapTiler Cloud.

On iOS, you can develop user interface either using UIKit framework or SwiftUI framework. Unlike UIKit, which is commonly used in conjunction with storyboards, SwiftUI is completely code-based. SwiftUI syntax is very easy to understand, and a SwiftUI project can be quickly viewed using Automatic Preview.

Get Started (SwiftUI) Get Started (UIKit)

Get Started With MapLibre GL JS for React Native

You can also develop your applications using React Native.

Get Started React Native


API Reference


SDK JS Reference

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