Show Line Data from GeoJSON File on the Map


This example demonstrates how to use annotations to display marker on the map.

You will learn the following:

  • What are annotations
  • How to display marker on the map using annotations.


Annotations provide an interface that will look familiar if you’ve used annotations in MapKit. It has built-in dragging and selection support. But using annotations is not recommended if you need to add a large number of markers to a map, or if you also need to style annotations differently based on a specific data property. If your project includes those requirements, consider using our more performant MGLStyleLayer classes.

Any MGLPointAnnotation, MGLLine, or MGLPolygon that conforms to the MGLAnnotation protocol can be used to annotate the map to mark a place with a specific shape.

By implementing optional MGLMapViewDelegate, you can customize the basic styling of annotations. Commonly implemented delegate methods include:

  • -mapView:viewForAnnotation: returns an MGLAnnotationView that can associate a UIView with a specific MGLPointAnnotation.
  • -mapView:imageForAnnotation: returns an MGLAnnotationImage that can associate a UIImage with a specific MGLPointAnnotation.
  • -mapView:didSelectAnnotation: is called when an annotation is tapped on.
  • -mapView:annotationCanShowCallout: returns a boolean value indicating whether the annotation can display additional information inside a callout.

Add annotation on the map

After the style has been loaded

  1. We create MGLPointAnnotation and set its coordinate to the center of the screen.
  2. Then we create the MGLShapeSource with shape being the annotation created in previous step and MGLSymbolStyleLayer to show the shape from the source on the map.
  3. Next we load the image and register it a style sprite.
  4. Finally we add source and layer created in previous steps to the style.
    func createMarkerSymbol(_ mapView: MGLMapView, _ style: MGLStyle) {
        // Create point to represent where the symbol should be placed
        let point = MGLPointAnnotation()
        point.coordinate = mapView.centerCoordinate
        // Create a data source to hold the point data
        let shapeSource = MGLShapeSource(identifier: "marker-source", shape: point, options: nil)
        // Create a style layer for the symbol
        let shapeLayer = MGLSymbolStyleLayer(identifier: "marker-style", source: shapeSource)
        // Add the image to the style's sprite
        if let image = UIImage(named: "house-icon") {
            style.setImage(image, forName: "home-symbol")
        // Tell the layer to use the image in the sprite
        shapeLayer.iconImageName = NSExpression(forConstantValue: "home-symbol")
        // Add the source and style layer to the map

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