Welcome to MapTiler Engine Manual!

MapTiler Engine is a software tool designed to render map tiles from raster and vector input data. MapTiler Engine can process data with or without a CRS (coordinate reference system). You can use the map tiles created with MapTiler Engine in various applications, such as your own custom projects, API mashups, or combine them with applications from the tech giants like Google, Apple or with open source. You can upload your map tiles directly to MapTiler Cloud or other types of cloud storage. The tiles can be used for online publishing according to the OpenGIS WMTS standard as well.

Your map tiles can be easily served from existing in-house web servers, from any standard web-hosting provider, and from a public or private cloud. Map hosting of maps is also possible from an external content distribution network (such as the Akamai’s CDN with over 100.000 servers in 78 countries) to serve the geodata with higher speed and reliability by automatically caching it geographically closer to your online visitors.

MapTiler Engine can process a large quantity of input files in high-resolution. The tool produces seamless maps and aerial photo layers covering whole countries. The rendering is fast and efficient, and it can fully utilize multiple CPUs upto 100%. It is heavily optimized and directly working with raw input data and computer memory mapping for producing the map tiles - without any intermediate steps and layers (such as HTTP requests / transcoding of the rasters / etc).

We belive MapTiler Engine to be the fastest tile-rendering solution in the market.

Thank you for choosing MapTiler Engine!