Points of interests containing a of a variety of OpenStreetMap tags. Mostly contains amenities, sport, shop and tourist POIs.



The OSM name value of the POI.


English name name:en if available, otherwise name.


German name name:de if available, otherwise name or name:en.


More general classes of POIs. If there is no more general class for the subclass this field will contain the same value as subclass. But for example for schools you only need to style the class school to filter the subclasses school and kindergarten. Or use the class shop to style all shops.

Possible values:

  • shop
  • town_hall
  • golf
  • fast_food
  • park
  • bus
  • railway
  • aerialway
  • entrance
  • campsite
  • laundry
  • grocery
  • library
  • college
  • lodging
  • ice_cream
  • post
  • cafe
  • school
  • alcohol_shop
  • bar
  • harbor
  • car
  • hospital
  • cemetery
  • attraction
  • beer
  • music
  • stadium
  • art_gallery
  • clothing_store
  • swimming
  • castle
  • atm


Original value of either the amenity, barrier, historic, information, landuse, leisure, railway, shop, sport, station, religion, tourism, aerialway, building, highway, office or waterway tag. Use this to do more precise styling.


The POIs are ranked ascending according to their importance within a grid. The rank value shows the local relative importance of a POI within it’s cell in the grid. This can be used to reduce label density at z14. Since all POIs already need to be contained at z14 you can use less than rank=10 epxression to limit POIs. At some point like z17 you can show all POIs.


Experimental feature! Indicates main platform of public transport stops (buses, trams, and subways). Grouping of platforms is implemented using uic_ref tag that is not used worldwide.

Possible values:

  • 1


Original value of level tag.


Original value of layer tag.


Original value of indoor tag.

Possible values:

  • 1
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