Points of interest which usually are visualized with an icon. Human-made functionality or human agreements that define a distinct place of reference.





Possible values:

  • food_drink - All food and drink occasions.
  • public_building - A public building with general purposes.
  • public_space - Public areas which are not buildings but fields or areas with a functionality. Like a harbour, industry, dog park or playground. Nature areas which describe physical areas are not in this layer but in Labels. POIs describe an area with a human decided function assigned.
  • public_transport - Public transport stops.
  • commercial - Commercial shops other then food and drink.


Possible values:

  • food_drink
    • drink
    • food
  • public_building
    • culture
    • education
    • healthcare
    • public_building
  • public_space
    • industry
    • green
    • parking
    • sport
    • water
  • public_transport
    • airport
    • bus_stop
    • ferry_terminal
    • metro_entrance
    • train_station
    • tram_stop
  • commercial
    • groceries
    • convenience
    • fuel


The subsubtype of a POI feature is the original description from source data the POI is derived from. (mainly OSM)


The label hierarchy or size/importance per POI category. Top10NL data is considered priority. Then Polygon sources and larger areas. Then POINTS Most features must contain a name to be considered in the data. Except for the Parking places. Which are hierarchical ordered according to having a name or not. Parks are also hierarchical ordered to name and area size. See POIs_decision.ods for a complete overview of the decisions made.

Possible values:

  • 1
  • 2
  • 3
  • 4
  • 5
  • 6
  • 10
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