MapLibre GL JS geocoding control how to search places using Svelte

This tutorial shows how to search for places using the Geocoding control. The geocoder component facilitate the use of the MapTiler Geocoding API.

Display Geocoding control using Svelte

  1. Follow the How to display a map in Svelte using MapLibre GL JS tutorial to create a simple fullscreen map application. You do not need to add the marker to the map.

  2. Install the Geocoding control module

     npm install --save @maptiler/geocoding-control
  3. Import the Geocoding control and the required React functions. Add these lines on top of Map.Svelte file.

  4. Create the mapController variable

  5. Set the mapController. Use the current MapLibre map.

  6. Add the GeocodingControl component to the map.

  7. We’ll need a simple style to correctly render the Geocoding control on the map. Add the following to the end of the <style> tag.

     .geocoding {
       position: absolute;
       top: 10px;
       left: 10px;

We are finished, your Map.Svelte file should look like this:

The library also has types defined to be used in TypeScript.
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