Water polygons representing oceans and lakes. Covered watered areas are excluded (covered=yes). On low zoom levels all water originates from Natural Earth. To get a more correct display of the south pole you should also style the covering ice shelves over the water. On higher zoom levels water polygons from OpenStreetMapData are used.



OSM ID value of the lake.


All water polygons from OpenStreetMapData have the class ocean. The water-covered areas of flowing water bodies with the water=river, water=canal, water=stream, water=ditch, or water=drain tags are classified as river. Wet and dry docks tagged waterway=dock are classified as a dock. Various minor waterbodies are classified as a pond. Swimming pools tagged leisure=swimming_pool are classified as a swimming_pool All other water bodies are classified as lake.

Possible values:

  • dock
  • river
  • pond
  • lake
  • ocean
  • swimming_pool


Mark with 1 if it is an intermittent water polygon.

Possible values:

  • 0
  • 1


Identifies the type of crossing as either a bridge or a tunnel.

Possible values:

  • bridge
  • tunnel
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