OpenStreetMap waterways for higher zoom levels (z9 and more) and Natural Earth rivers and lake centerlines for low zoom levels (z3 - z8). Linestrings without a name or which are too short are filtered out at low zoom levels. Till z11 there is river class only, in z12 there is also canal generated, starting z13 there is no generalization according to class field applied. Waterways do not have a subclass field.



The OSM name value of the waterway. The name field may be empty for NaturalEarth data or at lower zoom levels.


English name name:en if available, otherwise name.


German name name:de if available, otherwise name or name:en.


The original value of the waterway tag.

Possible values:

  • stream
  • river
  • canal
  • drain
  • ditch


Mark whether way is a tunnel or bridge.

Possible values:

  • bridge
  • tunnel


Mark with 1 if it is an intermittent waterway.

Possible values:

  • 0
  • 1
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