transportation contains roads, railways, aerial ways, and shipping lines. This layer is directly derived from the OSM road hierarchy. It contains all roads from motorways to primary, secondary and tertiary roads to residential roads and foot paths. Styling the roads is the most essential part of the map. The transportation layer also contains polygons for features like plazas.



Distinguish between more and less important roads or railways and roads under construction. Class is derived from the value of the highway, construction, railway, aerialway, route tag (for shipping ways), busway, or man_made.

Possible values:

  • motorway
  • trunk
  • primary
  • secondary
  • tertiary
  • minor
  • path
  • service
  • track
  • raceway
  • busway
  • bus_guideway
  • ferry
  • motorway_construction
  • trunk_construction
  • primary_construction
  • secondary_construction
  • tertiary_construction
  • minor_construction
  • path_construction
  • service_construction
  • track_construction
  • raceway_construction


Distinguish more specific classes of railway and path: Subclass is value of the railway, highway (for paths), or public_transport (for platforms) tag.

Possible values:

  • rail
  • narrow_gauge
  • preserved
  • funicular
  • subway
  • light_rail
  • monorail
  • tram
  • pedestrian
  • path
  • footway
  • cycleway
  • steps
  • bridleway
  • corridor
  • platform
  • ferry (DEPRECATED - use class)


The network type derived mainly from network tag of the road. See more info about us-*, ca-transcanada, gb-*, or ie-*.


Mark whether way is a tunnel or bridge.

Possible values:

  • bridge
  • tunnel
  • ford


Mark with 1 whether way is a oneway in the direction of the way, with -1 whether way is a oneway in the opposite direction of the way or not a oneway with 0.

Possible values:

  • 1
  • -1


Mark with 1 whether way is a ramp (link or steps) or not with 0.

Possible values:

  • 1


Original value of the service tag.

Possible values:

  • spur
  • yard
  • siding
  • crossover
  • driveway
  • alley
  • parking_aisle


Access restrictions on this road. Supported values of the access tag are no and private, which resolve to no.

Possible values:

  • no


Whether this is a toll road, based on the toll tag.

Possible values:

  • 1


Whether this is an expressway, based on the expressway tag.

Possible values:

  • 1


Original value of the layer tag.


Experimental feature! Filled only for steps and footways. Original value of the level tag.


Experimental feature! Filled only for steps and footways. Original value of the indoor tag.

Possible values:

  • 1


Original value of the bicycle tag (highways only).

Original value of the foot tag (highways only).


Original value of the horse tag (highways only).


Original value of the mtb:scale tag (highways only).


Values of surface tag devided into 2 groups paved (paved, asphalt, cobblestone, concrete, concrete:lanes, concrete:plates, metal, paving_stones, sett, unhewn_cobblestone, wood) and unpaved (unpaved, compacted, dirt, earth, fine_gravel, grass, grass_paver, gravel, gravel_turf, ground, ice, mud, pebblestone, salt, sand, snow, woodchips).

Possible values:

  • paved
  • unpaved
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