Contains all nature polygons like nature areas, grass fields and forest areas. It describes the physical material of the land surface. Together with the layers agriculture, infrastructure and builtup it covers the total surface of the Netherlands from zoom level 13 and higher.




The main type of the feature.

Possible values:

  • high - is all natural vegetation like trees and forest areas. Including tree lines.
  • low - covers all natural vegetation defined as grass, heather and shrubs.
  • bare - are features describing natural areas without vegetation like sand areas: dunes and sand and rock plains.


The subtype of the feature describes the type in even more detail and can be used to make more distinction in the map styling.

Possible values:

  • high
    • mixed
    • deciduous
    • coniferous
  • low
    • heath
    • grass
    • shrubs
  • bare
    • sand
    • rock
    • dune
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